Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ready Set Go!

So it is Wednesday June 22, 2010 and this is my first attempt at a blog.  Yesterday we celebrated Samantha's 11th birthday...actually we have been celebrating her birthday and Father's Day since Saturday, but who's counting.  With work, Father's Day and Samantha's birthday all behind us we can now start focusing on our long anticipated trip this Friday.  The packing is almost done (well in reality I have packed and repacked a half a dozen times), house cleaning is almost done and so is the laundry.  Emily's Marine Magnet Camp is the only thing holding us back now. 

So Friday's plan is...Emily has to be at school at 6:30 in the morning for her final day of Camp and boy is she excited.  They have been doing all sorts of cool things with the Marine Magnet Program and Friday is the big day, they get to go snorkeling down at John Pennecamp in the Keys.  After Emily is dropped off I will be coming home to get ready for the big drive ahead.  Need to pick up the rental car, pack the rental car, load up Bekka and Sam, pick up Emily at 1:30 and head North to Jesup, Georgia.  We will be spending the weekend in Jesup with Grandma June.  I am so happy that I have reconnected with my Maternal Grandmother after so many years and I am truly looking forward to the first leg of our trip.  On Monday morning with will be leaving Jesup and head for our next adventure.  We will be heading further North to Detroit, Michigan to visit with Aunt Nina, with some fun stops on the way there.  We will be staying in Detroit until Saturday (a week from this Saturday) and then we head West to Holland, Michigan where we will enjoy a visit with Aunt Sylvia.  After a week in Holland we will be heading back down South with sightseeing stops in Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, back to Grandma June's and then finally back home.  It will be a whirl wind trip, but one that we have been looking very forward to and can't wait to get started with. 

I will try to update this blog every couple of days or so with our adventures and pictures for your enjoyment.  I hope that if you are reading this that you enjoy hearing about our adventures as much as we are enjoying sharing them with you. 

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