Saturday, July 2, 2011

Having a great time!

So it is Saturday night and we are all settled for the next week in Holland Michigan...Yippee!!!!

I think that Thursday is where I left off so I will start there!  The plan for the day was to visit "The Henry Ford" and also Greenfield Village.  If you are EVER in the Detroit area this is a must see!  I was so impressed with both the museum and the village that I want to go back.  Definetly a full days worth of adventures.  The Henry Ford is a museum and inside this museum is such wonderful history...we saw 5 Presidential Vehicles, let me see if I can remember all of them :) Reagan's 1972 Lincoln, Kennedy's 1961 Lincoln, Eisenhower's 1950 Bubbletop Lincoln, Roosevelt's 1939 Sunshine Special Lincoln, and Roosevelt's Circa 1902 Brougham.  On top of these vehicles we saw the evolution of the Railroad cars, airplanes, and the chair that Lincoln was killed in (and yes the stains on the car were his blood), the bus that Rosa Parks was riding, and my personal favorite...THE OSCAR MAYER WEINER MOBILE!  This doesn't even touch on everything in this wonderful, fun museum. 

After going through the museum we ventured out to Greenfield Village.  This village has such wonderful history in it.  Thomas Edison's House, The Webster House (author of the Webster dictionary), George Washington Carver's House, Henry Ford's House and many other historical homes were moved to this property and created Greenfield Village.  There were also schoolhouses, shops, farms, vehicles and games all from the time period.  It really made you feel like you were a part of history.  Not to mention the beautiful grounds!

After our visit at the museum and village we had a very nice relaxing and enjoyable visit back at Aunt Nina's house were we enjoyed pizza, salad, and funny family stories.  It was a great way to end such an enjoyable day.

Friday was errand day.  Aunt Nina had errands that she needed to run and I needed to get to a local share branch credit union (remember the lost debit/credit card) and then we did the fun stuff.  We went to a really neat tea shop called KrisTea's.  My cousin Karenbea works there and what a great little shop it is.  They don't just sell tea there, but also all sorts of really cool STUFF...of course all your normal tea cups and tea accessories, but really fun hats, dishes old time phones, beautiful table linens etc...a person could spend a day in there just looking around.  From there we went to the CranBrook Natural History Museum.  This is a small museum and planetarium.  The nice thing was that you can cover the whole museum in about 2 to 2 and 1/2 hours and really feel like you learned something and saw lots.  Although it was like a typical museum with artifacts, dino bones, gems etc... we really enjoyed it.  The rest of the afternoon was spent at the community pool and then to dinner with Aunt Nina, Karenbea, her husband Luke, and their son Tytus.  I must say that even though we have been having lots of fun this dinner and the time spent after dinner has truly been my favorite part thus far.  I absolutely loved catching up with family and meeting new family.  Aunt Nina and Karenbea are so much of my past (before I was born that is) with my mother and it gave me such warmth at the way my children and I were accepted into their homes for this vacation.  After dinner we went back to Karenbea and Luke's house were the kids all got to play down in the basement rec room!   They had a blast!  Tytus came back to Aunt Nina's with us and spent the night so the fun and games continued on into the late hours and then again this morning prior to our departure.

Now we are up to current times.  We spent most of the afternoon today in the car driving over to the Western side of Michigan, better know to me as Holland Michigan. We will be here for the next 8 days visiting with multitudes of Aunts and Cousins. 

So that is were we are tonight and you are all caught up on our adventures thus far.  I haven't quite figured out how to download the photos on here, so hopefully just my writing isn't boring you to tears.  Thanks for reading and being a part of my adventures North!

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