Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday thru Friday

So I know it has been a while since I have blogged about our trip, but that is because I have been exhausted by the time I am back in the room at night.  So I will do the next couple of blogs in parts so that I can catch you up with all our fun activities.  This one will be about all of our activities from Wednesday July 6th thru Friday July 8th. 
So Wednesday we decided to take a trip down to Shipshewana Indiana to visit an Amish flea market.   It was so strange to see the signs on the side of the highway tell you that you had to share the road with a horse drawn cart…and yes just like in the movies they have the big orange triangle on the back of the buggies.  The flea market was great… I really would have been in trouble if I had had more money with me and a bigger vehicle.  The flea market had some similarities to our Ft. Lauderdale Swap Shop, but it was also very different.   It had your typical flea market crap, but then it had these great craft areas, wood furniture, and Amish bakery items, jellies, and other food items.  They also have fresh produce, plants, and flowers.  There was also a huge auction house with many different auctions going on at the same time.  What an experience.  My favorite part though was…ready for this…the ribbon fries and the homemade fried pies at the food booths.  With our purchases safely packed away in the truck we headed off to Aunt Sylvia’s house for one of Rebekka’s favorite Dutch dinners…7 Layer Dinner, Salad, Rolls, and Strawberries with Sour Cream and Brown Sugar.  The 7 layer dinner is peas, carrots, onions, potatoes, ground beef, tomatoes, and tomato soup all layered and baked together…Yummy!
Now it is Thursday and we don’t have a whole lot planned until later in the day.  So today we are going to go around and visit some relatives.  We start off by going to Pereddies Italian Restaurant (owned and run by my cousins) to visit with cousins Chris and Moi Han.  Then it was off to Piero’s Dental Office to see both Piero and Pia.  We got to the dental office and wouldn’t you know it we missed Pia and she wasn’t due back until Monday, or so we thought.  Oh well at least we got to see some of our cousins.    After lunch at Wendy's we met up with Amber and off we went to go to the Holland Aquatic Center for some pool fun.  What a great pool this is.  Not only does it have all your typical pool activities, it also has a big water slide, a kiddie area, a hot tub for the adults, and a different inflatable activity each day.  A fun time was had by all.  After pool time we went and picked up Aunt Sylvia and went to Amber's house enjoy some lasagna.  It was a fairly quiet day in Holland.  The worst park of the day was the excitement happening in Grand Rapids during the day.  It was an event that made national news during the evening hours.  A man "lost his mind" and killed seven people took hostages and then killed himself.  It truly was a tragedy in Grand Rapids that night. 
So now we are at Friday and we are going to go meet Pia for lunch today at Pereddies.  Pia is Chris Brown's wife and Chris runs Pereddies with there son Moi Han.  We had a very delicious and huge lunch.  After lunch  we went next door to the restaurant to Pia's Art Gallery were the girls and I all got to make our own piece of pottery.  I made a bowl, Rebekka made a music plaque, Samantha made a butterfly and Emily made a cat.  We really enjoyed the afternoon in the Art Gallery.  That night Pia had ticket for us to go to Hope College to see a play called "Return to the Forbidden Planet".  What a was rock music combined with Shakespeare in a wacky play.  We had a great time with Pia and Moi at the play. 
So now we are caught up to Friday night.  The next segment will be from Saturday and Sunday!

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